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Barb Noad

Rolling into the New Year – Moment by Moment

Yes the time clock is once again rolling over and many of us find ourselves preoccupied with the task of taking inventory of our shortcomings and measuring our achievements. We tally what went wrong in the outgoing year and make resolute intentions to change things up. We envision grand improvements for the year ahead and set off earnestly in a hopeful new direction. All of this is logical, normal and well-intended.

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Remembrance Day – The Power of Stories

A young high school student in Alberta recently shared with us an interesting story about an English assignment he had just completed. The task was to write an essay about someone in his life who had experienced adversity, and to describe how these hardships shaped that person’s character.

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Your loved one has changed… perhaps it’s time for a Retirement Residence

Like the Season… Things Change.

Special holidays often bring families together and while reunions can be joyful, sometimes they also bring to light some concerning changes occurring in the lives of our senior loved ones. Specifically, family members may notice that their loved one is not managing well on their own and would fare better – even flourish – in a retirement living environment.

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Tips on Proper Eating and Nutrition as You Age

Bread for the Journey

As we March toward spring it is the perfect time to reinforce the importance of eating well. This can be especially challenging for seniors who live independently and alone, and are not inclined to put the thought and time into preparing a proper meal just for themselves.

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Heartwarming Gifts for Seniors

As you scour the malls looking for just the right gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, consider the fact that a gift that involves sharing and caring means so much more than any gift that will take up space in your loved one’s simplified living area. In other words consider giving a gift that truly hits the sweet spot … one that will fill up their hearts without cluttering their living space.

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Falling… a concern as you age

Fall Facts

Have you or your aging loved one recently taken a tumble? If so, you are not alone, and if not, be aware – your chances of falling increase as you age. According to a recent study by the Public Health Agency of Canada, roughly 25% of seniors (aged 65 or older) experience a fall each year, and falling is the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among older Canadian. While these numbers might be sobering, they are likely not surprising to seniors who know the perils of falling and live in fear that they could be next.

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