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Pat Fream

Hanging Up the Keys

For some, one of the most distressing aspects of aging is the prospect of losing their driver’s license. The freedom and independence of driving is something most of us take for granted for several decades of our lives. Giving it up can be quite a struggle.
If you are in this predicament with your aging parent, or if this transition is in your imminent future, you may be wondering how best to determine when it’s time to hang up the keys. Obviously, there is no definitive answer that suits all seniors in all circumstances. For instance, an aging farmer may be just fine driving within a short radius of his property until age 85, while a healthy senior living in a busy city may feel pressed to stop driving at age 75.
I spoke to a driving instructor at AMA and he was particularly helpful in offering general guidelines. His advice was simple, don’t leave this decision in neutral for too long. While it may be stressful for a senior to lose their driving privileges, it is more stressful to be involved in a driving accident. He suggested that a gradual phase-out of driving is an ideal measure where possible. Otherwise, it could be that laws, an unfortunate accident, or a medical crisis will dictate an abrupt end with less time to adjust.
One of his recommendations was that you have your aging loved one answer questions on this CAA driving assessment survey. The score will help to evaluate safety and competence, and the best steps to move forward.
Subsequently, here is a 10-Point checklist to help you form your own opinion on how your loved ones are doing behind the wheel.

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Grandparents by any Name … are SPECIAL!

Grandparents are special. This sentiment was echoed repeatedly across the wide and varied sample of people I interviewed, asking them to share a grandparent story, a special tradition, or a treasured memory. The names people attach to their grandparents vary extensively, sometimes according to heritage – sometimes by favour. But the feelings of nostalgia, love and belonging were unmistakably universal. Here are just a few of the sentiments people shared:

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10 Little-Known Perks of Getting Old

It’s no secret, aging often comes with a heaping helping of grief, frustrations, and annoying limitations. But the truth is, getting old also comes with a fair number of benefits. Here are the Top 10 Perks I uncovered when I set out to discover what seniors like most about being exactly where they are in life.

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Estate Planning Part l: What You Need to Know

Let’s face it… estate planning is no one’s favourite topic. It takes time and thoughtful consideration, and there are costs associated with implementing an estate plan. However, this process is a critical part of protecting one’s life savings and assets and of paramount importance to people, especially as they age.

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How to Move Aging Parents: Engaging a Realtor

It can be a difficult process for families when the time comes to sell your aging parents’ home and transition them to a new living situation. If there are several family members involved in this process, there will likely be varied opinions and this may lead to family conflict.

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