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Pat Fream

Staying Active During the Cold Winter Months

It’s cold and icy outside. A stroll around the block or even the few steps to a waiting car is now hazardous for seniors. A sunny park bench across the street might look tempting, but a fall between here and there would be catastrophic. So what other options are there to keep your aging loved one moving and stimulated this winter?

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Meet Our Resident ~ Sophie (AgeCare Valleyview)

When you meet Sophie, it’s hard to believe she is about to reach her century milestone! Sophie was born in 1918 in a farmhouse on a homestead near Bitter Lake School, Saskatchewan. She is one of nine children born to parents who emigrated from Yugoslavia. When she was in grade 7, Sophie was pulled out of school to help out on the family farm. Because of her excellent work ethic, she was promoted to ‘header box’ driver – driving a team of horses pulling the ‘header box’ full of cut wheat to be thrashed.

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Meet Our Resident ~ Mary (AgeCare Valleyview)

If you’re in the mood to get beat at crib, stop and see Mary at AgeCare Valleyview! Mary will soon be 100 and she may have a few creaky bones, but she’s still got her wit, she keeps a close watch on bank statements, occasionally uses her iPad and her crib game is spot on!

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Today I felt like my young self

We all want it – that feeling of independence; that sense of pride and purpose; the feeling of being seen and heard.
This doesn’t change with ageing, in fact, for some it amplifies. Such is the case with Hazel Peterson.
“All my life I’ve felt smart and capable. Now, just because I’m old and wrinkled, everyone decides it’s their business to mind my business,” said Hazel. “I just want to remind everyone; my eighty-three-year-old brain has learned a thing or two … I’m still pretty sharp!”
Hazel is a friend of my mom’s, living in the same retirement community in south Calgary. Whenever I’m visiting over the dinner hour, I love to seek her out and soak up her insight of the day. Her political knowledge is spot on, and her views on most other current affairs tend to be informed, enthralling and often entertaining.
But it was Hazel’s articulate rant about seniors and their purpose that really got me thinking. I was glad I asked her if I could tape our chats. I told her I might like to blog about her sometime. She said she was flattered … she said I made her feel like Michelle Obama.

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Tips on Proper Eating and Nutrition as You Age

Bread for the Journey

As we prepare to head into fall it is the perfect time to reinforce the importance of eating well. This can be especially challenging for seniors who live independently and alone and are not inclined to put the thought and time into preparing a proper meal just for themselves.

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