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Seniors and their pets: can they stay together?

Creature Comfort… Aging with Pet Love

For centuries, humans have enjoyed deeply nurturing and enriching bonds with their pets. Creatures of all kinds can lift our spirits, comfort us, shower us with affection and surround us with boundless love.

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Checklist for Choosing a Retirement Community

Like so many other big decisions along the aging spectrum, choosing an retirement home for your loved one can feel stressful and overwhelming. Will they be happy there? Will they feel at home? Will they be safe and secure? Will the cost be manageable?

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5 ways you can show you care on National Caregivers Day

At some point in their lives, nearly half (46%) of Canadians have provided care to a family member or friend with aging needs, a disability, or a long-term health condition. In honour of National Caregivers we want to thank these dedicated caregivers across country. Is there someone in your life you wish to thank? 

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Senior Care: Options for Couples

As couples age together, at some point one of them may change from being a loyal partner to having to provide or coordinate care for their spouse. This can be difficult when they may be ill or infirm themselves. For those who are able to remain at home, supportive living for seniors can ease the burden of care while they living in the familiar surroundings of their own home for as long as possible. Sometimes a spouse may be afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or some other debilitating illness. Their partner may still be in good health and able to look after them to some degree at first. Yet even with assistance from fully qualified in-home caregivers, eventually this becomes almost impossible.

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