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How to Choose a Retirement Community During COVID-19

While there’s no question that the pandemic has changed our world...

...what hasn’t changed is the fact that many seniors thrive when they can maintain their independence while living in a community with a built-in social circle, safety, and supports. 

This is the philosophy retirement communities were built on, and why today, even amid COVID-19, retirement living is a favorable option for healthy, active seniors.

That's why we've put together this list to help you feel more confident when choosing a retirement community during the pandemic. 

What to consider when choosing a retirement community during COVID-19:

1.) Safety & Security Measures

While we know the pandemic won’t last forever, it is imperative to choose a community with stringent Covid-19 protocols and a track record that meets the highest standards and meets your comfort level.

2.) Services, Activities & Amenities

Consider meals, laundry, and housekeeping services along with a wide variety of activities, amenities, and safe gathering opportunities.

Consider Your Options CTA

3.) Location & Proximity

Aim for a location that is near family and friends as well as health services and activities you hope to return to in future days (e.g., shops, church).


4.) Budget

When examining the monthly cost of a retirement community, add up the separate costs of living on your own (utilities, taxes, groceries, home maintenance, etc.) for comparison. Also, consider the convenience of just a single monthly payment rather than multiple bills.


5.) Values & Philosophy

Inquire about the organization's mission and the values it upholds. Ensure these virtues and values align with your own.

Discover Retirement Living at AgeCare

In addition to private suites, housekeeping, and emergency response, seniors at AgeCare take comfort in:

  • robust disinfecting and distancing protocols
  • a built-in social circle with plenty of (optional) activities 
  • fresh delicious meals plus snacks, so no need to cook or grocery shop
  • prescription deliveries
  • and more
Find an AgeCare retirement community near you, visit www.agecare.ca/Tour