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Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Staff Updates

Alongside information being shared directly with staff at the community level, this page was created to ensure our staff and valued partners have up-to-date information, feel well informed and equipped to navigate through the changing COVID-19 situation.

Our Priorities
  1. Protect our residents, families, staff and valued partners.

  2. Engage communities to protect individuals who are most at risk of severe illness; the elderly and those that are chronically ill.

  3. Manage fears as new cases are identified in Canada; continue to provide updates to staff and valued partners. Keep staff informed regularly through Site Operations meetings.

  4. Monitor staff illnesses and determine potential for COVID-19.

  5. Monitor Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) storage, and management practices.

  6. Increase cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces.

What You Need To Know

Single Site Implementation for Alberta May, 19 2020
AgeCare is now implementing the Single Site work requirement as per the Ministerial Order No. 2020- 26 read more>

  • For details regarding specific rights and responsibilities of employees during this time, please review the Q&A document.

Single Site Order for British Columbia May 15, 2020
On April 10, 2020, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced the Single Site Order (the “SSO”) for British Columbia, which restricts health care workers to working in only one health care facility read more>

Visitor Restrictions at AgeCare Communities May 1, 2020
In addition to our 30-minute virtual visits, AgeCare made the decision to offer prescheduled 30-minute in-person visits in designated outdoor spaces. Visitation inside the building will continue to be limited to one essential visitor attending to a resident who is dying. For this exception, sign-in & completion of an exposure checklist is still required. read more >

Staff Wearing Masks April, 10 2020
All staff are required to wear a surgical mask at all times when providing direct resident care or working in resident care areas within 2 meters of others. read more >

Employee Updates

Health & Safety Resources


npiap protecting facial skin under ppe face masks      Virtual and In Person Visits CTA7

Health & Safety Videos

AHS COVID-19 Podcast – Dr. Mark Joffe – Staff Health and Safety
(source: Alberta Health Services)

COVID-19 Infection, Prevention and Control Measures
(source: Fraser Health Authority)